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Lucky and Fluffy play Boju Boju (ebook)

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Join Lucky and Fluffy, the lovable sibling puppies, in a charming tale of adventure and play. “Lucky and Fluffy Play Boju Boju” by Funmi Ilori takes young readers on a delightful journey through a vibrant garden, where the puppies engage in exciting games of hide-and-seek.

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Embark on a delightful journey with Lucky and Fluffy, the lovable sibling puppies, in “Lucky and Fluffy Play Boju Boju” by Funmi Ilori. Join these playful pups as they explore the vibrant garden, engaging in exciting games of hide-and-seek, and discovering the magic of bedtime stories.

In this heartwarming picture book, readers will be enchanted by the whimsical illustrations that bring Lucky and Fluffy’s world to life. Follow the dynamic duo as they navigate the joys of playful escapades, cleverly hiding in the garden, and sneaking into the library for a secret game with their friendly mum, Mrs. Chubby.

Author and illustrator Funmi Ilori weaves a tale of friendship, curiosity, and the simple pleasures of being young. The captivating visuals and lively narrative make this book a perfect addition to bedtime routines, encouraging little ones to embrace the joy of play and the warmth of a good story.

“Lucky and Fluffy Play Boju Boju” is an ideal choice for young readers, filled with laughter, surprises, and the magic of imagination. Share this charming story with your little ones and watch as they eagerly join Lucky and Fluffy on their playful escapades. Perfect for cozy bedtime moments, this picture book is sure to become a cherished favorite in every family’s library.


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