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Bambo’s Day At The Zoo (eBook)

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Get ready for a wild day at the zoo with Bambo! Follow along as Bambo shares bananas, meets stylish Zuma Zebra, and even listens to the soothing bell of Edo Elephant. With captivating illustrations and heartwarming moments, this charming tale is a must-read for young explorers.

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Join Bambo on a wild adventure at the zoo, where every moment is filled with laughter, friendship, and unexpected surprises! In this heartwarming tale by Funmi Ilori, young readers are invited to explore the magic of the animal kingdom through the eyes of Bambo, a cheerful character with a bag of bananas and a heart full of curiosity.

As Bambo makes his way to the zoo gates, readers are treated to delightful illustrations capturing the joy of his journey. From meeting the swinging Minna Monkey to the stylish Zuma Zebra proudly sporting a red cap, each encounter brings a new burst of excitement. But the fun doesn’t stop there—discover the artistic talents of Lag Lion, the soothing chime of Edo Elephant’s bell, and the bubbly bath of Abi Antelope after an unexpected mud mishap.

The adventure takes an unexpected turn when Bambo and his friends encounter the wise Tara Tortoise, unveiling a secret place at the zoo that sparks a new chapter of exploration. With the guidance of the zookeeper and his lovable pug Paws, Bambo and his friends enter a magical secret garden filled with colorful rides, games, and laughter.

“Bambo’s Day at the Zoo” is more than just a story; it’s an enchanting journey that captivates young minds and celebrates the joy of friendship, discovery, and imagination. As the day draws to a close, Bambo bids farewell to his newfound friends, leaving readers with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Experience the magic of “Bambo’s Day at the Zoo” through captivating illustrations and heartwarming moments. Perfect for young explorers, this charming tale is a must-read that will inspire curiosity and bring smiles to faces. Get ready for a wild adventure filled with fun, friendship, and the magic of the animal kingdom!


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