FEC Products/Services

 iRead– Mobile library that lends books to children within communities, primary and secondary schools.

  • iReflect- Specialized journal that helps nurture emerging children authors.
  • iRise– Innovative Tech School that offers leadership, library, literacy and life skills.
  • E-iRead– E-library centre setup in schools to blend learning and leverage on educational technology.
  • iRead Books– Bookshop that supplies academic and non academic books in large and small volumes.
  • iEducate– Consulting, School and library setup, Public Speaking, Leadership and Entrepreneurship.
  • Teachers Empowerment Network (TEN)– Platform for empowering, inspiring, developing, equipping and celebrating teachers in school system and emerging teachers in higher institutions.


Something for everybody @  Community Library Services

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is a location for programmers, game developers, makers, entrepreneurs, startups, and technology businesses. We are a secure membership-based facility that’s made for the do-it-yourself designer.

Weekend Camp:

Indoor and outdoor games and activities that will challenge and develop your child’s creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills. Leadership, Library, Literacy, Life Skill.


Adult Education

Our School of adult education caters for adults who want to complete a primary/secondary school education, become literate and obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for employment and self sufficiency.


After school

Kids don’t stop learning when they come home from school. The after-school activities for kids are entertaining, educational ways to engage kids and keep their curious minds working when they’re not in the classroom. Home work guidance, Audio-visual, current affairs, etc.


Creativity school

Dance, Arts, Creative writing, Brainstorming, Board Games, etc.


Vocational school

Photography, Hairdressing, Bead making.


Reading Club

Books Review, Spelling Bees, Poetry, Story Telling, Language Enhancement, Poise and Etiquette.


Language School (3months)

Focuses on teaching children indigenous languages (Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa) and foreign languages (English-helps children focus on individual student needs and help them catch up). French.



You can register your children/ward for the iRead Mobile Library by paying N1000 for annual due membership and N500 for monthly subscription.


  • Summer Camps
  • Summer Reading Challenge
  • Family Fun Time
  • Family crafts Clown Skills Playshop                        Baby Lap Times