2019 iRead Literary

Awards Nigeria

Call for nominations

The iRead Literary Awards serves as an opportunity to promote the reading culture and inspire children to achieve more. It will also bring valuable recognition from peers and leaders across the country. All finalists will be publicised on various social media platforms, media agencies, and partner organizations.

Nominees will be screened and final selection will be done by a team of seasoned judges including librarians, authors, educators, and journalists.

We warmly invite you to take part in the nomination process for the foremost African Literary Awards for Children in Nigeria.

To nominate, please check out the category descriptions below:

Category of Award
*Excellence in Reading (Role Model)
*Excellence in Writing (Author)
*Excellence in Public Speaking (Stage/OnAir Personality)
*Excellence in Illustration (Visual Artist)
*Excellence in Poetry (SpokenWord)
*Excellence in Imaginative performance (Drama)
*Excellence in Communication (Advocacy on environmental Impact (sdg)
*Excellence in Language Acquisition (multilingual)

Thank you